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All forecasts & predictions have gone wrong about year 2020. No one has dared to take stock of rampage done by Corona & collateral damages due to lock down would be immense. Business after Corona days is never going to be the same. Lock down – staying at home is a best time; it is unique of sorts to spend days reflecting & refreshing the way we had been living

Here are some of the ideas that can spike your thought to focus upon:

Taking Stock of Business:

This is an ideal time to review everything around. One of the most important factors to be reviewed is your finances & profitability. Only when you take absolute stock of your financial situation, How is your marketing expense earning results. It can be your guiding force to lead your thought process. Probe into your service quality; evaluate your vendors & partners. It will change the way you see business when you resume office.


Going back to basics sometimes is the best education. Pull out your old resource materials, it can sharpen & lead you to be very objective in gaining knowledge & fresh energy. Fortunately, we are enjoying lock down in 2020, when each and every individual at home has hi-speed internet. YouTube, podcasts, industry webinars & online contents are immense & interactive source of knowledge. 


Digital media is the game ahead. Phone time has sky-rocketed, Digital addiction has been a proven decision-drivers for most purchases across the globe. Just be there. Build your digital marketing quick & strong. Sure the lock down is here for sometime than we think.

Network & Up your conversations:

This is a time; we need our people close, strong & be resourceful mutually. Initiate discussions, productive, group chats. You can reach out to anyone in the industry; most of them won’t be rigid as might have been before. Initiate courtesy calls to your existing clients, Colleagues, vendors & partners, see if you can be of any help to them at this time.  

Ease your expenditure commitments:

This season would witness your historic low expense; your head just got saved from malls, dining out, tours, online shopping & irresistible clubbing. If you have commitments to pay your team, speak to them and see how mutually you can ease their burdens.

This is just a quickie, there are lot out there.


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