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Into the mind of a Creative Designer: Responsibilities and Impact of a Creative Designer in the success of an event.


Creative design is a process that uses digital and physical image-making tools to create 2D or 3D representations. It is a vast sea to explore and understand. New innovations are born every day and give rise to more new ventures that keep evolving over time. As another creative designer in the sea, let me take you on a ride into what a creative designer does in the field of event management.

Your responsibilities as a creative designer:

To begin, you need to know how to design and also what tools are used to make your designs more efficient. Many types of software come into play when you enter the design field. Be it pixels or vectors, it is key that you learn and understand the software’s features and explore your creativity more to grow in the field.

In an Event company, you will cater to a client’s event designs, such as stages, standees, photo booths, etc. Each client brings a new requirement to the table, which may be easy or complex. A good understanding of what the client needs will help you create designs that are more appealing to the client. You could also pitch in your ideas from time to time and see if the client is good to go with them.

Teamwork makes the dream work. You won’t be working alone at any event. Learn to work hand in hand with your team, be it your fellow designers, your project managers, or other teams. Another important thing is communication. Communication plays a vital role in any field of work. Learn to do it right.

Patience, my friend. You need truckloads of this. A client is not always satisfied with round #1. Variations keep getting made; amendments are always asked for. Don’t get frustrated that your work is not working for the client. Take it on a positive note that you get to explore more of what you are capable of. By doing so, you become more expendable and adaptable to new clients.

Deadlines are very, very important. Some other company can get your client before you finish. Work on the allocated time. Get things approved as soon as possible. You would be bombarded with many projects. Learn proper time management and allocate time for each project in such a way that no deadlines are missed.

Impact of the Creative Designer on an Event:

You are the first door to the event. Irrespective of 2D or 3D, your designs are what the client would look at first. It is what gets the client on board in the first place. You will play a role until the final draft of the pitch. You need to bring the client’s brief to life. Ask questions if in doubt and make yourself clear. Be sure that you understand the assignment and work towards it. The more appealing your designs are, the easier it is for the client to take your company on board. 


Event management companies are a good place to hone your skills. You will undergo a lot of trials, sleepless nights, endless reworks, and stress. But before getting into the game, learn your potential and flaws. Work towards perfecting yourself. Design for yourself and the client.

Author – Nishinth Mario

Team Brandwise

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