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What is an exhibition stand design?

An exhibition stand is also called as booth or a stall .It can be a predetermined space which is easy to designed the creative brand environment that is conducive for a buyer and a seller. It can be described as a large framework that is customizable and it can utilized as a marketing space at an exhibition showcasing their products and services.

Creating a remarkable stand exhibition:

When designing a stall. The organiser should consider about the brand visibility, the theme and the key message to reach the targeted audience.Major things to take in account are to visualise about the space, right choice of content placement and lightings and engaging your customer.

 Space Management: 

Often booth size can be restrictive so it’s important to utilise the full space allocated. Make sure to confirm dimensions with the organisers to know exactly where to work with. Improve the flow of your display area by ensuring there are no physical obstructions or barriers on entering, and try to keep meeting areas to the back of the stand.  Don’t clutter the objects and make sure there is enough space between them. Keep the easy visibility and spacious accessibility for attendees in mind. Also, consider the purpose of every counter, showcase and shelf. Although many exhibition stands have a maximum head height  and some larger venues needs high floor-to-ceiling. It’s worthwhile to check the size. The focus must have enough space to move around.

Placement of Content:

Avoid using long sentences if single words will convey the same message. Use a slogan that people will remember after the event on your signs, rather than lists of product information that few people will pay attention to. Be sure to use a font that is clear and big enough to be seen from a distance. Location of text on the top half of your exhibition stand so that it is not blocked by people in your display area

Lighting :

Lights enhance aesthetic appeal to your brand and if used correctly, consider additional lighting and don’t rely on what’s supplied by the venue. Spot lights, up lights and colored lights are also a great way to highlight to showcase something in particular, such as new product. Colored lighting is also a clever way to create a unique feel to your exhibition stand, especially when compared to the exhibition stands.

Engaging your visitors at the stand:

Once the stall design has managed to attract visitors the next target is to engage them. This can be done using these 4 tips:

  • Offering refreshments like water or chocolates works well as it gives the staff some more time to interact.
  • Staffs should be well trained to meet the customer queries and expectation. Professional etiquetes to be followed while approaching the customer
  • Uploading live photos of the events or going live on social media platforms does wonders for brand’s online marketing.
  • Merchandising: Customized branded diaries or pens or any stationary will attract more visitors. Merchandising encourages brand recalling among the visitors


Using Technology:

 Spread the Word socially-To make the event a grand success, it is imperative to promote it on social media and other digital platforms. While exhibition enables you to associate with the customer in-person, social media lets you connect with them online before and even after the show.  Plan out a media strategy that will help you inspire and engage the audience, creating a stir on digital platforms about your products and services.

Exhibition designer are now incorporating iPad/ video wall, interactive tablets or screens, 3D hologram systems and virtual reality to make the customer experience stand out. Virtual reality will also enhance the stall experience. Touch screens and interactive walls provide visitors with a fresh, new experience by putting them in the driver’s seat and allowing them to interact with your multimedia content on their terms. Visitors can explore your “story” and manipulate elements, such as enlarging or rotating images, playing videos and clicking on text and links.

People no longer want to be spectators – they want to be participants. Interactive multimedia displays will be a standard feature in all trade show booths sooner than later.

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